Sugar Blue

I'm sure you went through an amazing amounts of harps and equipment. what's your favrate harp. And be sides yourself (as a newbie )who else has strong harp music to listen and learn from.

Sugar Blue responded on 03/21/2012

As far as influences are concerned I suggest you listen to the great progenitors, ie Sonny Boy Williamsons 1 and 2 Big and Little Walter, Junior Wells, James Cotton, Jimmie Reed and I could go on but you'll discover a great deal if you focus on these players for a 'few' years!! When it comes to harps I have a motto I go by, "If it ain't a Hohner, it ain't a harp!" Go with the best, forget the rest!! All of the great Bluesmen, Jazzmen and rockers played the greatest music played on a harp with a Hohner!! Keep swinging!!

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